Our Story

Based in Whitton, Twickenham, Milkshake Montessori Nursery School is a privately run Montessori nursery that was established in 2004 by owner Sonya. Since then the nursery has grown and established itself within the community and we are very thankful and delighted to be able to continue to provide a safe and caring environment, and quality childcare to families living in the Richmond borough, Hounslow borough and the surrounding areas.

Our Strengths

We aim to provide an inclusive environment which reflects our larger community. Built around our core values, Milkshake Montessori endeavours to:

Welcome all staff and families from diverse backgrounds. We make efforts to celebrate religious holidays by encouraging children/adults of differing religions to share important occasions, cultural or otherwise.

Welcome children of all races, religion and additional or special needs; making every effort to ensure we can meet their needs as much as possible.

Consist of quality Montessori and Early Years trained staff. It means that in our hiring process, we attempt to ensure that our staff is just as reflective of our surrounding community and are from diverse backgrounds too.

Attain high levels of staff retention

Provide a Toddler, Pre-School and Aftercare curriculum within a calm, peaceful relaxing and homely atmosphere

Build a strong sense of community that permeates throughout our nursery environment. This sense of community is demonstrated in the way the classrooms reflect a home environment, in the way the staff communicate with and respect both children and Parents, and in the way parents work together to help build a better educational environment.

Working with Families

At Milkshake Montessori we recognise the importance of working with parents/carers and the whole family from the very first meeting.

  • We have an ‘open door’ policy in which we encourage parents to share any of their ideas, opinions or concerns, whether that be a quick chat or arranged meetings outside of our annual parent evenings. We value the contribution they bring to the development and wellbeing of their children at nursery and of how that can then be carried on at home.
  • That is why alongside daily contact and interaction with family members we welcome their support and views throughout the time that they are with us and beyond; and especially encourage the sharing of important events and home life.
  • We are proud to provide many opportunities for such exchanges to occur within and outside of the nursery. For example we hold parents day when parents/carers and grandparents/relatives can come and spend some time with their child and their classmates through storytelling, sports days, Christmas fairs or even as professionals sharing their roles within their community and how they help us.

What Our Families are Saying

I was very nervous about leaving my son fulltime at nursery as he was only 18 months and had had feeding problems as a baby so was still learning to eat. The staff at Milkshake not only helped him settle in, but have been hugely supportive in his transition from being tube-fed to eating himself.

Both upstairs in the 'baby' nursery and downstairs, all the staff have been really helpful in settling my son into the daily routine. They have always taken the time for all my questions and been understanding of any special requests. They have been supportive of any additional requirements for my son, including extra input to help with his speech.

It is very hard to leave your child in someone else's care, but I have felt confident in leaving my son at Milkshake as I know he will be well looked after and attended to.

The Berry's

This is our recommendation. I hope you like it.
Milkshake Montessori has been everything we hoped for - a nursery with a family feel, warm-hearted friendly staff who love children - and a lot more besides : a great environment for learning and play through engaging, mind-broadening activities and key workers that show a keen interest in the children's development. Our daughter Elsa enjoys it so much she sometimes wants to go on her days off. We fully intend to enrol our son Konrad as soon as he is old enough to go.
See you soon.
The Dormons
My son has really enjoyed being at Montessori Milkshake and has really thrived in the stimulating and fun environment the staff provide.

The staff are very helpful and approachable. I am really pleased with his all round progress and development.

Kamal Riar (Rohan's mum)

P.S. Can I add that I am a teacher myself?